The Best Excuse Ever

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I saw this awesome mug on a Facebook post and had an Ah Ha! moment:

Isn't this the best excuse ever for just about anything?  Go ahead, you can use it.  Some days it's hard to be awesome two days in a row.  

I'm also using this as an excuse for my extended hiatus from The Blog.  My apologies!  All the freakin' awesomeness I have available has gone into Ghost of a Promise, which will be released in November!  Yes, it really will be.  I'd hoped for August but those plans got pushed back a couple of months.  It just took a few more awesome yesterdays than I anticipated.

Oh, and I also took a class that just so happened to take place the day after every awesome yesterday. 

What?  You too?  Awesome. 

Cover Reveal and Excerpt: Ghost of a Promise

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Here it is, the cover for my upcoming paranormal romance, Ghost of a Promise.  Isn't it lovely?  I couldn't wait to show it off.  A million thanks to the wonderful designer Carrie Spencer at Cheeky Covers.  I'm in awe of her intuitive skill in figuring out exactly what I wanted.

I'm working hard for a late summer release!  Here is a short excerpt from the beginning:


"Did she leave of her own free will?  That's the question everyone is asking, Tony."

"Yes, Barbara, that is exactly what the world is asking.  For five days, the Senator has emphatically said no.  His daughter could not possibly have left the Institute on her own volition."

Too busy painting her toenails to look up, Carrie Riley sat on the bed in a white plush robe and listened to the news with half an ear.  This is what I've been missing? After weeks of media isolation in a remote African village, the international news of the day appeared to be the disappearance of some spoiled Senator's daughter who'd skipped out on her rehab or some such thing.  Ooohhh, shocking.  "Give me a break," she mumbled, rolling her eyes.  She'd turned on the news hoping to hear something from her brother, Ben.  An investigative journalist, he wouldn't be caught dead reporting this kind of fluff.  No, he'd be somewhere that mattered, in the thick of things.  Last she knew, he was still reporting from Afghanistan.  He also wouldn't look like Tony...all slick and polished.  He'd look like he needed a shave, a haircut and a full day's sleep. 

 She tucked a damp strand of an errant russet curl behind her ear before unfolding her leg to start on the other foot.  Of course, she worried, but Ben could take care of himself.  They were alike that way.  Besides, her sixth sense had been quiet.   She glanced up as Tony the talking head continued, reporting from location.  Behind him, past a tall iron fence, loomed an imposing, pilloried structure she assumed was the Institute. "New security footage at the Elizabeth Burke Institute has identified a possible person of interest.  Personally, Barbara, I couldn't be more stunned, and I know you feel the same. "

"Yes, Tony.  Although we must stress that no charges have officially been filed, we are reeling at the possible connection our colleague Ben Riley has with Elizabeth Burke's disappearance."

"Holy crap!"  At the unlikely linking of names, Carrie's hand jerked and smeared bright red nail polish onto the hotel's bedspread.  The news story now had her full attention and shocking didn't begin to describe it.  Looking up, she got her wish to see Ben's face.

"Of course we can't forget this memorable footage taken weeks ago at the Press Corps Dinner."

Her jaw dropped.  On a red carpet, no less, dark hair falling over the collar of his tux, Ben carried a slender, fragile looking woman in his arms.  Long blonde hair streamed over his arm and dainty, slipperless feet peeked out beneath the hem of her apricot colored gown.  Her arms were wrapped around his neck as if hanging on for dear life and they had eyes only for each other, oblivious to the cameras flashing around them.  And the sirens.  What the hell?  Why were there sirens?  Had there been a fire? 

They didn't say.  The story looped back to Tony and they started over, saying the same thing.  The world thought her brother had kidnapped the infamous Elizabeth Burke. 
"Oh, Ben.  What have you done?"  Obviously her sixth sense had gone haywire. 



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