Worth the Risk Release Date Update

The release date for Worth the Risk has been moved forward to June 13, 2018. This time travel romance with an immortal hero and a modern, sometimes psychic heroine, is shaping up to be my longest novel to date, so it has taken longer than I anticipated to complete. In the meantime, the good news is the pre-order period available in most markets has been extended with the price set to $2.99. Pre-order on Amazon at this price will be made available for a short time before release. I am also considering a box set of the previous books, but until then, the single titles available to catch you up to Worth the Risk are, in order:

The Castle - This novella length story is set in the fantasy world of time travelers and introduces Heather and her ill-fated love with the immortal Eric.

If I Stay - A full length novel, this story is set mostly in Regency England and also the fantasy world of the time travelers. The heroine, Ariana (Heather and Eric's daughter), is a time traveler with amnesia, and her hero is Justin, a Regency duke.

An Unsuitable Entanglement - This novella length story is set mostly in the fantasy world of the time travelers, with time traveling stops along the way! The heroine is Alison, a time traveler who begins her adventures with a hero far less serious than she, the outrageous Lord Percy from Regency England (the best friend of Justin).

Ghost of a Promise - this full length novel is a departure from the world of time travelers, but here, in this romantic suspense story set in a contemporary setting, is where you'll meet Carrie, the future heroine in Worth the Risk. But if you want to jump in here, to this first of the two stories featuring the Riley siblings, feel free to do so! Ben Riley, Carrie's brother, must work out the mystery of his death (yep, it's a ghost story) and save his wife Beth, who is the troubled heroine at the mercy of the worst in-laws a husband could ever imagine.


Carrie and Eric (aka Nick until she learns his secret) have an epic adventure coming to you soon, I promise!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just for Fun: Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are for when you need a new beginning right? Sure. But they are also for when you're knee deep in a story but need to reconnect with your characters. In fact, as I discovered with a little web surfing for writing prompts, they're much more versatile than I expected and can be customized to fit every stage of writing. Whether stuck in writer's block or just need a routine of daily warm-ups, dare I say it, there's a writing prompt for that.

Finding the right one can feel kind like being Goldilocks looking for the "just right." And when you know what you want, usually you find every thing opposite first! For instance, yesterday I wanted specific writing prompts to get me reaquainted with my current characters after an absence. Eventually I found a couple of ideas.

These are from Eliza's Writing Jug, http://www.writingjug.com/2010/03/creative-writing-prompts.html:

#39. You have a most unexpected visit. The good guy and the bad guy in your story come to visit. Neither is pleased with the role you have given them. Put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine what they would have to say. Try to convince them you made the best choice for them.

#41. Write an interview with your [favorite] character.

Are these too broad in scope or not really seem like writing prompts at all? Maybe but that's the thing about writing prompts; they are meant to fit what need, when you need it. Sometimes you don't even know what that is until you come across it.
A couple others instantly intrigue me:
#19. Ghosts in a bottle. (How could I resist that one?)
#35. Answer this question: What is life all about? (Just kidding. I can't tackle that one!)

Other interesting sites for writing prompts include these:

Speaking of short prompts, I came across an outdated Writer's Digest Prompt contest with the three words: "lucky" "charmed" and "calamity."
Wouldn't you know it, those three words took me down a path that had nothing to do with my current stories. You know how it goes!
What kind of writing prompts do you enjoy? Does it depend on your needs? Any favorites?


  1. Wow, I had no idea there would be so many writing prompt places. I'll have to check them out. (And my apologies for not showing up here sooner -- my reader isn't automatically updating my feeds for some reason, so I didn't know there was something new. Grr.)

    I don't often do writing prompts, but I like anything that gets my brain fired up. The writing prompt I did last fall, with the puppy and the ball, turned into a novella that I just finished. So clearly that writing prompt was useful!

  2. Hi Donna! Oh, I remember the puppy and the ball writing prompt -- it also gave me a good story start. :) How cool that that one turned into your novella!

    Yes, there are a lot of writing prompt places out there. With my sporatic writing schedule, I think writing prompts are like some much needed oil for my rusty creative writing muscles. LOL

  3. That puppy is a busy one -- I'm glad he gave you a good story start too. :)

    How is school going? More importantly, when do you get another break? :)

  4. Donna, the good news is I am currently on my break and finished the semester this week! Grades look good! Bad news is I've got a nasty cold but I "timed" it for after finals. Wasn't that clever of me? LOL


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