Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Change of Scenery...

I have no new blog to post, but I figured the least I can do is change my background to reflect spring! Actually, it's more like a summer scene, but I should be safe until I post again when the leaves are about to change.

I'm kidding! I'll post again before...let's see...hmmm...Memorial Day for sure! It's just that it's been a busy time with an overloaded class schedule this semester. But I only have a few more weeks to go! Then, I've lightened up on the schedule and only have one course each month in May, June and July.

So, stay tuned...because you never know what I'll find to report on from my classes once I get the chance to regroup! You might get parts of my essay on "Hawthorne's Aesthetic Distance: A Spiraling Journey from Familiar to Fantasy." Yes, it does seem a bit of a mouthful, but I had fun with that one!

Until then, happy writing and I hope you enjoy the spring...summer..what season is it?


  1. I love the new background! It's finally starting to feel like spring here (even though we had snow last week!) The temps are getting higher during the day, and the daffodils look like they're getting brave enough to open up soon. So I'm definitely hopeful!

    I'm glad you'll have a lighter workload the next few months. I miss seeing you around! Plus you deserve a break from all your hard work. :)

  2. Donna, don't you just love those brave daffodils?I've seen a couple of daffodils on the south facing side of my house while the north facing side is still covered in snow! It does seem amazing and encouraging to see spring "right around the corner." :)

    Btw, I read your Wednesday blog at Romance Writer's Revenge on being your own heroine and trying and failing at new things. By the time I read it I'd missed the boat for commenting (story of my life), but I found it very inspiring for my college return decisions. Because honestly, I often I wonder at the sense of my decisions to attempt classes that, at the outset, seem to have more chance for failure than success. And if you do fail, it seems like an "I told you so" from the gods is waiting in the wings to confirm your poor judgment to try! They would probably follow up with, "It's just not for you" or "stick with what you know." But that does get boring, if boring is that discontented feeling something is missing. It doesn't compete with the satisfaction of beating the odds and succeeding at something that seemed a struggle because it was too new and foreign when attempted the first time around. It's been my most satisfying accomplishment to repeat a course I failed at and turn it into an A. True, lots of sensible people tried to make me feel better about such a spectacular failure by saying some form of "it's just not for you." It's so tempting to give up when early failures seems to prove that your interests and talents are put together by an incompetent matchmaker. But it does feel oh, so good to prove them wrong. :)

  3. Love the new background - it makes me long for summer!!

  4. Thanks, Kelly. Oh, and we're now trying to melt off a foot of new snow (after it had all finally melted), so that's disheartening! LOL


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