Friday, June 19, 2009

What I'm Reading...Virgin Mistress, Scandulous Love-Child by Jennie Lucas

My reviews are all recommendations. They are of books I've loved, so "review" is to be used a bit loosely. They are simply books I've enjoyed and believe others will as well, and I have no intention to ever write a review of a story I didn't like. Criticism (constructive of course!) is for critiques, and reviews (from me anyway) is for ecstatic gushing.

While my fist choice for both reading and writing is historical romance and paranormal time travels, I find I have a frequent craving for the Harlequin Presents line. Other than the obvious draw of a shorter length for limited reading time, recently I had a "light bulb" moment that my draw to Presents is for the same alpha hero I usually like to find in a historical. So, I find myself grabbing a group of three Presents from the bookstore shelf knowing that, typically, one out of the three is bound to be absolutely wonderful; a fast, sexy, engrossing read. My favorite this time around was Jennie Lucas' VIRGIN MISTRESS, SCANDULOUS LOVE-CHILD.

I will add to this "review" but currently, with movers coming tomorrow!, I'm a little short on time. :) Until then, I'll simply provide the link and let you do a little investigating on your own. :)

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