Saturday, October 10, 2009

One foot in at least three seasons...

This morning I woke up to a winter wonderland. At first light, I went out and took pictures, awed by the beauty. My seven-year-old son excitedly bundled up to play - - after some searching for the snow pants and boots, etc. that is. After all, less than two weeks ago it was short sleeve shirts and shorts weather. So, understandably I do suppose, the two of us seem to be in the minority to be so darn happy about this snow fall. Just yesterday, I too was complaining about scraping the thick frost off the car windshield. I was grumbling along with everyone else at the unfairness of it all. How dare winter intrude on our golden days of fall?
But today, with no where I needed to be, I could appreciate the beauty and the uniqueness of a day with one foot in at least three seasons. Besides the snow, there is also fall color and some leftover summer greenery. All three seasons, except spring, although I guess you could call my mood spring-like. I happily trudged through the snow and froze my fingers to inadequately capture the moment on my cell phone camera.

The contradictions for this day were robins on a snowy branch picking at the lingering ruby red crab apples, dark evergreens standing tall and prepared for winter side-by-side with trees still holding on to their green and gold leaves, and lakes unfrozen with boats still tied to docks and buried under snow.

A day to be caught unaware.
But winter didn't smother, afterall, with its early blanket of snow. The robins didn't fly south, the leaves didn't all drop to the ground in defeat and the lake didn't instantly freeze over. I think that's rather special. Like everything can share space, at least for a little while. Maybe that's why I don't feel such sadness for what is passing, but unexpected and simple pleasure in what one day can combine. I'm glad I could have my foot in at least three seasons on one unique day.
How do you feel about the onset of winter? Does it put you in a panic? Would you rather it ease in gradually or in an attempt to change the season with one blow? Any thoughts on if or how it inspires your writing?

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