Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pulling Up Stakes and Do-Overs

Okay, so I tried it. Yes, that self-publishing idea. My first novel is no longer posted on my blog and linked to Amazon for purchase at an outrageous price. Now I've pulled up stakes and packed my bags for a new trip.

Yep, I'm relieved. And while it would be nice of me to share what worked and didn't work for the benefit of others considering such a venture, I don't really want to backtrack. You can find the disadvantages all over the place. All I can say, is most of them are true. (Practically speaking, it comes down to the price of the book and availability of the book. Don't even think about good books or bad books. That's all I'll say about self-publishing and you can draw your own conclusions. :))

In thinking of the now, I simply know I can get some enjoyment back for my first "baby." It is a good book. It didn't fail; it didn't have a chance. But now I can tweek with some revisions. I can maybe add some of what I envision gives background to sequels I have in mind.

So, if there is a silver lining, I do have an opportunity to change what would be irreversible in a traditionally published manuscript. I have a do-over.

And, by the way, I'm also dropping my pen name, Melissa Bryant. (I'll leave that name to a porn star that holds the .com) Yep, I hadn't researched that very well. *sigh* I want a do-over. Or maybe the ordinariness of my real name "Melissa Johnson" isn't such a liability after all.

So, there are lots of things we do as writers that take thought and pre-planning. Are we equipped for the ins and outs of marketing and promotion? Not always. Do we get ahead of ourselves? All the time. Are they mistakes? Some are. Are they irreversible? Only in the minds of that mysterious "they."

Any Do-Overs you'd like? Any new routes planned?


  1. It sounds like you learned a lot from the experience, and a "do over" seems like an appropriate reward!

    I had to laugh about the pen name situation -- who would think to research porn stars having the same name? Yikes. Now I'm wondering if any of my CHARACTERS have the same names. LOL

  2. Hi, Donna! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the pen name situation gave me a headache! LOL

    I'll see you at the Revenge...a belated welcome! I always love your comments and that HOA comes in handy! :)

  3. Thanks for the welcome -- I love the wenches at the Revenge -- such a fun bunch to hang around!

    I'm glad you found the HOA to be a handy tool. LOL It's worked for so many years for me -- it wouldn't be right to keep it to myself!


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