Friday, July 30, 2010

Summertime Reflection in My Backyard

The end of July? Say it isn't so! Here in northern Minnesota, we've been treated to one of those rare summers where you can almost imagine what other people are talking about when they say 'endless summer.' Oh, so this is what they mean - - day after day of temperatures in that perfect upper seventies/low eighties range. This is unusual, to say the least, for our region known as the icebox of the country. Last summer, the sweaters never did get packed away, but this summer is a different story.
I'd say the weather has made a big difference in my jealousy factor for all the travel and conferences my writerly friends and others are experiencing right about now. The RWA conference is in full swing in Florida. That's okay. My sister is attending a conference in Las Vegas. That's okay. Now if it were January...

But it's not. It's July for a couple of days yet and the lake is calling. And how can you resist this face when he says, "let's go swimming!" I certainly can't. Nope, I'm not getting a lot of writing or much of anything else done this summer. You'll find us (Michael and I) at our 'secret' spot at a little lake deep in the woods. However, I am NOT getting on that rope swing. Again.

While we're here, I will still feel writerly. How can I not, with the sunshine sparking on the water? We can hear the lonely call of a loon through the whisper of the pines. He's out there somewhere, but not willing to show himself. If you've never heard it, here's an audio from YouTube. I think this one is in Maine, but it's the same call here. LOL
Hope you are enjoying your summer, whether it's with Micky Mouse, the bright lights of the Vegas Strip, in the vicinity of a lonely loon, or wherever you may be.


  1. How adorable! And you're right -- completely irresistible! I'm glad you're having such a wonderful summer. We're having the same kind too. Last year it rained almost the whole time, and it just didn't have that "summery" feel. This year -- so far -- it's been that perfect range of temperature, with a slight breeze, making me feel lazy yet content. Wish it could be this way ALL year long!

  2. Those pictures were yesterday - - today it's raining. Go figure. LOL Guess we need a few rainy days too.

    How could we wish for more than a 'lazy yet content' feeling? I'm glad you're having perfect weather too. Too bad it couldn't be this way all year long or we could maybe stop time. There I go, thinking like a paranormal writer. LOL


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