Friday, December 31, 2010

Almost Midnight... New Year!!

I think New Year's Eve should be the official Writer's Holiday. Why? Because of the anticipation, of course! The countdown to midnight is on (or already passed) all around the world. And all year long, writers everywhere will try to capture that fleeting magic and make readers turn the page with one goal; to find out what happens.

Ironic isn't it, how we count down to what is the peak of an upward momentum. Anticipation builds toward the moment when the clock strikes 12 as if we believe something unexpected is going to happen...something that will change everything.

How will we face that moment? How will our characters? Will they bravely stand still, witnessing the moment and hope for the best, or maybe, like Cinderella, will they run?

I wonder what Cinderella thought when then clock started its echoing count down? She seemed to think running her only choice. After all, she knew her illusion would be shattered if she stayed -- the prince would discover who she really was. What does it say about her to believe this would be disaster? What if she hadn't run? What if she hadn't made her escape before the magic ended and revealed her secrets? So many questions!

What if?

That is The Writer's Question only you can answer in an infinte number of ways.
So here's to you on your special holiday and my best wishes for many magical almost midnight moments! What will happen in your story when it's almost midnight? It will be exciting to find out, won't it?

Happy writing in 2011!


  1. You're right, we do act as if something magical is going to happen at the stroke of midnight! Which is really funny considering how cynical humans seem to be in so many ways.

    I have a historical called LORD MIDNIGHT, so I'm hoping something exciting will happen for it when the clock strikes twelve. :) You never know!

    Happy New Year to you. Hope 2011 is a great one for you.

  2. Happy New Year, Donna! I hope your 2011 is a great one too and much success comes your way this year! I'm certain it will be with all the work you've done in 2010! So maybe it will be magic, but it might also be a reward...who's to say? :)

    I read the excerpt of Lord Midnight on your site and loved the start of this story! I can't wait to be able to buy this book!

    Now off to writing to start the year off right! :)


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