Friday, January 7, 2011

Cleo the Kitten

Here's to a break from writing angst to remember the cute things in life. This is Cleo the kitten and her mommy Penelope. Cleo turned 2 weeks old yesterday. Isn't she a sweetie?

I'm definitely a cat person but I haven't yet written any cats into my stories. I should since I always enjoy Teresa Medeiros' animal friend additions in her stories!

How about you? Have you written animals into your stories or do you enjoy reading about characters with pets?


  1. What a cutie! Are these your kitties?

    I'm not really an animal person, but I did include a cat named Serena in my contemporary romance. She's hilarious, and gives the heroine a hard time at first. I hadn't planned on the cat, but it worked out perfectly to have her in the story. She has a character arc too! LOL

  2. Yes, these are my kitties. I was lucky my cat had only one kitten and not several! Cleo is just starting to wobble around and she looks so funny with her "Martian" eyes. Babies are so funny.

    Your cat in your story had a character arc? Oh, but of course! LOL

  3. I love the name Cleo, and I love her white fur with the grey accents. (I better stop -- I'm starting to sound like Cruella DeVille. LOL)

    I didn't know cats could only have one kitten!

    And yes, my cat had a character arc of sorts -- which helped out my heroine with hers. :)

  4. Your kitties are so adorable. My mom's cat has had two letters in 18 mos and I just found out she's knocked up again. I knew my mother was the queen of procrastination (I'm the princess), but I still can't believe she's hasn't gotten her fixed before now.

    I have two cats in RL and have one in my MS. In RL I have and orange & white tabby (Bumblebee) and a gray & white tabby (Caelen). In the book I have a tuxedo cat named Charlotte. I found pets are a good way for your characters to have someone to talk to in order to get info to the readers without having to do it all with introspection.

    Next hero has a dog. Looking forward to the part he'll play in the story.

  5. That should be litters. LOL! That'll teach me to proof read!

  6. Terri, well I hope to have multiplying letters rather than litters of kittens! LOL That would be a good thing for a writer.

    I keep meaning to post updated pictures of Cleo. She's six weeks today and she's a little fuzz ball tornado! My pictures just show a blur. LOL

    You're right that pets give the character someone to talk to without too much introspection. And for some reason the pet interaction always seems to add a lot of humor! Your next hero having a dog should be lots of fun. :)

    Congrats again on finishing the revisions!


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