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pre-made ebook romance covers: a list of where to find them

New sites added 7-28-15 

How about relaxing with a cup of coffee and your favorite romance.  Your favorite romance cover, that is.  Dream a little for your story!

So I've compiled a list of designers who offer pre-made covers (most in the under $50 range) and thought I'd move this "research" to a blog post.  I had a great time browsing the covers and I hope you do too!  Oh, and most, if not all, of these designers will work with you for the customized look, if that is the route you want to take now or later.  (One more thing: I linked to the site's home page and not always directly to the "pre-made" page, but you'll find it.) 

Please keep in mind these are only suggestions for you to follow up on and make your own decision.  I have not been paid to recommend anyone.  Also note that some vendors/publishers require the cover to be a different size (i.e. larger) than what some designers provide.  

 Cheeky Covers - Ebook covers at cheeky prices -- Update!  5/25/14 -- Yes, Carrie Spencer has done my new cover for my paranormal romance Ghost of a Promise. 

Amazing, right?  I can't imagine why you'd want to look further now, but I'll keep the list below intact!

 Sheri L. McGathy Pre-made Covers - gorgeous! Many historical and fantasy covers, as well as others. by cover model Jimmy Thomas.  You need to do a login registration for this one. 

 General and Romantic Fiction Premades Melchelle Designs

Amanda C. Davis Premade Book Covers - most at $35. (Added to the list 3-24-15.)

 Fantasia Frog Designs

 Book Graphics - both fiction and non-fiction so not all romance. 

Cloud 9 Pre-made book covers -- $5! 

  TellTale Books - classy and romantic!  These beautiful covers are a new favorite!

 Pre-Made Covers - Karri Klawiter

Estrella Cover Art

The Book Cover Designer - a large selection and range of prices from many different designers

AM Design Studios - very nice! Many with a fantasy element.

Go On Write - Romance Premade Book Covers $40 or less

Or also of interest, try:

Period Images - awesome book cover stock and images

Digital Fantasy Backgrounds

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So that's it, for now.  Feel free to leave a comment if there is a pre-made cover designer (for mostly romances) you'd like to add.


  1. Wow, that's a great list -- thanks for doing all the research! And thanks for including my ebook. I'm so happy with the cover Carrie did for me, so I love to see it everywhere. LOL

    I like that there are so many opportunities for writers and our stories right now. I've definitely been feeling more motivated lately. :) But now I'm feeling motivated to check out some of these other covers. LOL

  2. Donna, there's definitely no harm in looking! LOL This wasn't a very difficult research assignment. :)

    The opportunites for writers sometime surprise me because so much changes when I'm not looking. Then, I'm like, when did that happen? LOL I'm sure a lot of these cover designs weren't out there a few years ago. It's kind of exciting isn't it? :)

  3. Hi! Got my covers made by this lady. She just put up a new website, Nice covers and prices good:

    1. Thanks to the link, Mirti. I'll add it to the list. :)

  4. FYI LINK UPDATE Purple Ink Graphics & Designs & Tibbs Design is no longer valid.

    Love this post!

    1. Thanks a bunch, MotownMomMusings. I appreciate the help keeping the links up to date and I've removed that link. :)

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  6. You can add our directory to the list?

    Love to have any designer join us and list their covers for free. We have a very large audience of authors.

  7. Gosh. We've been doing premade book covers for a very long time now - please don't forget us! This was formerly located at Please remember us! (doggie whine)

    Nice list! It's great to see everyone helping each other out.

    1. How did I miss you? I'll add you to the list! :)

  8. Hi Melissa,

    I'd love to be added to your list for people who are looking for handpainted or graphic design based covers. My premade book covers are available at

    While not all my covers are for the romance genre - I'm more than happy to customize and work with your readers to find something appropriate.


  9. I just discovered that you put my site on this list and wanted to say THANK YOU! Very nice.

  10. I create book covers in my Alaskan studio! You can check out my premade covers at or contact me about a custom cover! = )

  11. I've been making custom covers for some time and just launched my premade gallery, most at $35. Very excited! Could you please add me to your list?

  12. Great resource! I'm the cofounder of, and we'd be honored to be on your list of premade romance covers! has the largest selection of one-of-a-kind premade covers in the world! Once a cover is sold, it is never sold again.

    Most of our covers are just $69, and the author can play around with the title text right on our site, and download their cover instantly! We work with hundreds and hundreds of talented artists. Covers are searchable by genre and keyword. Thank you! :)

  13. I have a few romance covers and other covers as well. 25-35 can customize for same price or 5.00 more. They are 300dpi (good quality) and ebook cover, not print. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  14. Hi there, what a great resource! I'm a freelance artist with over 20 years of graphic design and illustration experience. My premade book covers are at and I do custom work also. Thank you for the opportunity to be added to your list.

  15. I make high-quality romance covers at a great low price!

  16. Great blog! I have a lot romance eBook covers for sale on my site, along with other popular genres.

    Please stop by and take a look:

  17. I'd like to add one as well. Please take a look at

  18. Thanks so much for including me on your list. Much appreciated!
    I followed a link back from my site to yours. It made my day.


  19. also large selection


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