Worth the Risk Release Date Update

The release date for Worth the Risk has been moved forward to April 10, 2019. This time travel romance with an immortal hero and a modern, sometimes psychic heroine, is available for pre-order with the price set to $2.99. Pre-order on Amazon at this price will be made available for a short time before release. I am also considering a box set of the previous books, but until then, the single titles available to catch you up to Worth the Risk are, in order:

The Castle - This novella length story is set in the fantasy world of time travelers and introduces Heather and her ill-fated love with the immortal Eric.

If I Stay - A full length novel, this story is set mostly in Regency England and also the fantasy world of the time travelers. The heroine, Ariana (Heather and Eric's daughter), is a time traveler with amnesia, and her hero is Justin, a Regency duke.

An Unsuitable Entanglement - This novella length story is set mostly in the fantasy world of the time travelers, with time traveling stops along the way! The heroine is Alison, a time traveler who begins her adventures with a hero far less serious than she, the outrageous Lord Percy from Regency England (the best friend of Justin).

Ghost of a Promise - this full length novel is a departure from the world of time travelers, but here, in this romantic suspense story set in a contemporary setting, is where you'll meet Carrie, the future heroine in Worth the Risk. But if you want to jump in here, to this first of the two stories featuring the Riley siblings, feel free to do so! Ben Riley, Carrie's brother, must work out the mystery of his death (yep, it's a ghost story) and save his wife Beth, who is the troubled heroine at the mercy of the worst in-laws a husband could ever imagine.


Carrie and Eric (aka Nick until she learns his secret) have an epic adventure coming to you soon, I promise!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making it all about you...promotion!

 To start March off on an optimistic note, I thought I'd point out a couple of links I've recently run across about self-publishing and promotion.  What I particularly love is the variety of ideas.  Since even thinking of promoting myself can give me hives, it's reassuring to know there are lots of different methods to choose from.  You might even find you're already doing something right...and no one even told you what to do!  That's always a nice thing to find out.

The key is to find a few things you're comfortable with doing and not to feel like you have to do all of them.

So, if you haven't already, check out:

  • And from last week at Writer Unboxed:  Advice for Indie Authors.   Right of the bat, I was drawn to that term "Indie" in the title.  It just sounds cool.  Three different Indie writers share their experience in great detail for a well-rounded perspective on the different combinations of things you can do to self-promote.

I'm thinking ahead a bit and being a bit presumptuous on the need for promotion since I seem to be running short on original storytelling thought these days (hope it's a temporary thing!), but  I know I'll be getting back to these for the great tips! 

Already, one of the tips at the Writer Unboxed site has struck a chord, and that is about having a blog.  I'd heard this before, but sometimes it's hard to see this value.  However, one or two posts can make a big difference.  For instance, I don't get a lot of traffic on the new postings, but there are a couple of posts in the archives that seem to have found a greater audience, like Marriage Customs in Georgian and Regency England.  Thanks to links to this post from a couple of well known sites like Jane Austen's World and even Yahoo Answers, this post gets somewhere between 50-100 visits a week. 

And another post proving popular according to the numbers is pre-made ebook covers: a list of where to find them.  When I "threw together" this list of links I admit I posted it largely for myself as a resource to get back to, much like this post!  But when it comes time to put a book cover on the blog, I'll be happy to know those covers just might be seen from a popular post.  I also pay particular attention to update and add to the links on those posts because, well, you know you have to clean up for company!

So that's my own little tip for the day.  If you have a blog, consider writing a post with a list of links to something of broad interest.  You don't have to make a habit of it, but one or two of this type can do wonders.  You never know, some day you might be glad  that little post is sitting in your archives. 


  1. Melissa, this is such a great suggestion. I've gotten so busy lately that I'm struggling to keep up my blogging. But you've reminded me of a couple of my posts that always seem to be on the Search Hit Parade. One is on Character Goals, and I hope it's proved helpful to people. It sure does bring in a lot of people.

    The other one is my post on Jessica Fletcher. I wrote about how she inspired me with her typewriter on the kitchen table -- I wanted (and still want!) that job. Most of the people who search for her want to know what she's typing. LOL But again, it does provide the hits.

  2. If it's helpful to you, I've been gathering links and articles and advice about promotion and storing them all at a squidoo site so other authors can benefit from them. It's at http://www.squidoo.com/indie-book-marketing-resources

  3. Donna, that post of yours on Jessica Fletcher is one of my favorites! And the character goals post I can't remember off the top of my head, but now I want to reread that one. :) (I seem to be doing a lot of rereading lately!)

    I think what I love is knowing what I write can have a longer life than the few days, hours or even minutes following its debut. That thought inspires me to write more. :)

  4. Ruth, thanks so much for sharing the link to your resources! And also, thank you for sharing all the marketing information. This is very very helpful and you're right...some of the marketing is actually fun. :)


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