Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lucky Seven

I'm happy to say, "I've been tagged."  Donna Cummings has tagged me for the Lucky Seven meme.  This is a fun thing going around that goes like this:

You open up your manuscript to page 7 or page 77, and after you find line 7, you post the following seven sentences.

I'm also supposed to tag seven more authors but it's all in fun so, without that last step, here's my seven.   It's such a fun surprise to find out where the Lucky 7 lands!  This one, from page 77 of my first novel The Duke's Angel, lands in the midst of action:

What trick was her mind playing on her?  The thought of Justin had invaded her mind before she teleported.  It must have distracted her enough to change her course.  But that didn’t explain why she was here, standing in the middle of a snow covered road while a cold, wicked wind whipped her cloak about her body.  She shivered so hard even the ground vibrated under her feet.
Over the persistent howl of the wind, she heard a rumble, like thunder.  The rumble became louder and she realized it wasn’t thunder at all - - it was the pounding hooves of a fast approaching team of horses.

Where does your Lucky 7 land?  Give it a try and feel free to post your seven here in a comment if you'd like.  Thanks for the tag, Donna!


  1. Oooh, this is great! I'm freezing now, after reading this. And I was shocked when I read the word "teleported". LOL Not to mention I want to tell her to get out of the way of the horses. Lots of great action here.

    Thanks for posting your Lucky 7. :)

  2. Thanks, Donna! I guess I could have mentioned this was a PARANORMAL Regency. LOL I'm glad you liked it! Yes, she should get out of the way of the horses...:) I'm actually thinking of a lot of rearranging for this story and maybe this might go at the beginning. It was actually the first scene I thought of for this story and I'm not sure how so much (about 76 pages!) wound up in front of it. LOL Lots to think about!


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