Thursday, February 14, 2013

Update: ebook romance cover post

I've been daydreaming again.  Why not on Valentine's Day? (And I'm getting itching fingers to write even when life as a mom and student is keeping me busy.)  A writer can always find a little time for daydreaming though, and browsing e-book romance covers seems to be the next logical step. So, on my little daydreaming detour I updated my post with several links to pre-made ebook covers.  Take a look (whether you're ready or not!)

I did notice, however, that prices for "pre-made" seem to be on the rise and approach what you might be able to get for "custom."  And true, once you've seen the beautiful artwork and designs of custom, it's hard to set your sites "lower."  But do you go $40 to $60 for pre-made (seems to be about the average) when $100 (or so) for your dream design is not that far off? 

You never know though, you just might still find a pre-made cover that fits both your imagination and your budget.  For instance, I found a couple of $5 covers at Cloud 9 Premade Art Covers (#11 on the list) that fit a portion of my vision.   It may not be the lush, historical covers of the sexy hero and heroine we love and adore, but there are other things to look for in a romance image.  A locket, a wedding dress, or an image of holding hands...those things might work too.

You be the judge!  Here's the link to the updated post:

pre-made ebook romance covers: a list of where to find them

Happy writing!

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