Thursday, July 18, 2013

Requesting a Review for Your Romance Novel: A List of Where to Find Reviewers

I think it's time for another "list of where to find them," don't you?  The post, pre-made ebook romance covers: a list of where to find them, continues to be very popular and I love it that additions to that list continue to be suggested.  I also appreciated a comment that said,  "Nice list! It's great to see everyone helping each other out."  Yes it is, don't you think?

So, in that same spirit, this list is for finding reviewers for your romance story.  Of course, it could also be for finding reviews of your next romance to read.  Writers are also readers, so it just depends on which hat we're wearing.  However, with the idea for reviews in mind, I'm linking to the page that gives instructions on how to submit your story and request a review.   Some you may have heard of, others maybe not.  I also wouldn't be surprised if I missed the obvious ones, so please, please feel free to suggest your favorite romance review sites...that review for free and accept self-published/independent work.

The reviewers are the ones who read and (hopefully!) love your story and get the word out.  But a few words of caution...they might not love your story.  They also might not review your story at all.  The reasons why not, however, might not be personal.  It could be that they have a huge backlog or, possibly (if, for instance you are a self-published author) they still have restrictions on who can submit.  So, at the risk of stating the obvious, read the instructions. 

And, on your side of the decision making process, you might be -- and probably should be -- choosy about which reviewers you pick.  Read the reviews!  Are they notoriously tough?  You might want to reconsider.  By the way, I admit to being quite chicken myself and I have submitted to very few reviewers! 

But, nevertheless, here's a list even a chicken might explore.  If you're just looking for a good read (hmm, how did Goodreads come up with their name?) and need some recommendations, then the list will work for that too! 


First, a place for articles that provide some additional information and lists on the topic of getting reviews:

How to Get Your Book Reviewed Online - from Wow! Women on Writing


Romance Review sites (Note: numbered, but in no particular order, and these are review sites that review for FREE):

  1. FICA Fare - A fan-fusion of reviews, recommendations and graphics
  2. The Romance Reviews (TRR)
  3. Romantic Book Affairs
  4. Risque Reviews
  5. Dear Author
  6. Talk Supe
  7. Sizzling Hot Books
  8. Coffee Time Romance
  9. Love Romance Passion
  10. Once Upon A Romance
  11. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
  12. Romancing the Book
  13. All About Romance Novels
  14. Romance Junkies
  15. Reading Romances
  16. Smexy Books
  17. InD'Tale - News and Reviews for the Self-published with a romantic flair.
  18. Cocktails and Books


  1. Another great post! It can be a little nervewracking at first to ask for a review of your book -- it's very similar to querying agents, though, so after going through that experience, querying reviewers seemed easier. :)

    When I was starting out, I tried to ask book bloggers that had enjoyed books I thought might be similar in style/tone/theme to mine -- in the hopes it would increase the chances of them liking mine. For the most part that seemed to work!

    1. Donna, that's a great tip for how to go about finding a friendly audience. :) I think that is half the battle!


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