Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Best Excuse Ever

I saw this awesome mug on a Facebook post and had an Ah Ha! moment:

Isn't this the best excuse ever for just about anything?  Go ahead, you can use it.  Some days it's hard to be awesome two days in a row.  

I'm also using this as an excuse for my extended hiatus from The Blog.  My apologies!  All the freakin' awesomeness I have available has gone into Ghost of a Promise, which will be released in November!  Yes, it really will be.  I'd hoped for August but those plans got pushed back a couple of months.  It just took a few more awesome yesterdays than I anticipated.

Oh, and I also took a class that just so happened to take place the day after every awesome yesterday. 

What?  You too?  Awesome. 

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