Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Historical Research Companion 2nd Edition is Released!

The 2nd Edition of the Historical Research Companion to Everything of Interest to a Romance Writer is now released!

As you may have noticed, I made the decision not to delay unpublishing the historical content posts from this blog. All of the topics, with the exception of a rotating sample or two, are now exclusive to the HRC.

I hope you will enjoy the new and improved content and format! Click on the cover below to go to the Amazon page.
If you have purchased the Amazon version of the1st edition, an update IS NOW AVAILABLE. Follow these instructions to download the newest edition:

Under your Amazon account tab go to "Manage My Content and Devices" and from there you will see "update available" next to your book. Click on "update available."

You will see a message that says "A corrected version of this book is available. The previous version will be replaced with the corrected version."

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