Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cover Reveal...Worth the Risk

I can't resist! It will be a while before I can announce a released date, but this is the cover for my upcoming time travel romantic suspense novel. This book is a sequel to both If I Stay and Ghost of a Promise.

The blurb...

Getting into trouble runs in the family.  In the wake of a political scandal, Carrie Riley is a witness who knows too much and it's up to Nick Fallon to keep her safe and alive in the days before her Grand Jury testimony. But in the unusual hideout of a Victorian mansion, Nick discovers the depth of her painful secret and a new and fragile intimacy is forged between them.  Protecting Carrie from a killer becomes a very personal mission and he will use every resource at his disposal to keep her safe. And what better way to put her out of a killer's reach could there be than to remove her to another time?

Carrie has experienced more than her share of the paranormal, but nothing has prepared her for being swept away to Regency England! Even more unsettling, the man she's learned to trust with her body and soul has abandoned her in another time, leaving her hurt and bewildered, but safe in the care of the Duke and Duchess of Claymore. She's left with the bombshell that Nick isn't even his real name...only she doesn't know the man named Eric left in his place. But her mysterious protector fails miserably at abandonment. When she needs him, he appears. When he find out she's being courted by the charming rakes of the ton, he appears. But the question remains, where does he go when he disappears? And why does everyone who knows him warn her Eric is unattainable, but stop short of saying exactly why?

When Eric reveals the truth of his identity, she finally knows why a future together is impossible. But tell that to her heart. As the days slip closer to her return to the 21st century to testify, a task she dreads, all she wants is to have Nick back, the man she knew...and the only one who knows her secret. And after that, if he dared to leave her again, she'd follow. She'd just have to show him an impossible love is worth the risk.

Genre:  Time Travel Romantic Suspense
Length: Novel

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